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1. Autonomic nervous system.

6. Auditory pathways.

2. Sensory pathways (ascending).

7. Ascending & descending

3. Motor pathways (descending).

reticular fibre system.

4. Lateral spinothalamic tract conveys

8. Visual pathways including

pain & thermal senses.

3rd cranial nerve.

5. Anterior spinothalamic tract conveys

9. Foetal circulation.

discriminative sensations

10. Urinogenital system with blood

conscious proprioception.

supply of nephron.

11. Sino aortic mechanism.

31. Mechanism of heat regulation : model

12. Spinal cord hemisection (B S W).

showing thermoregularity and

13. Reflex arch for the maintenance

mechanism mediated by nervous

of muscle tone.

system & endocrine glands.

14. Brachial plexus.

32. Anterior spino thalamic tract : model

15. Lumber plexus.

showing the extent position of

16. Lumbosacral plexus.

anterior spinothalasmic tractstarting

17. Coccygeal plexus.

from its origin upto termination the

18. Facial nerves,

functions of this tract is depicted on

19. Olfactory nerve.

one side.

20. Vagus nerve.

33. Posterior spino thalamic tract :

21. Sumaccute combine degeneration.

model showing its extent position of

22. Simple & interrelated reflec arch.

posterior spinothalasmic tractstarting

23. Reflex arc involving sympathetic

from its origin upto termination the

nervous system.

functions of this tract is depicted on

24. Pathways of taste impulses.

one side.

25. Autonomic innervation of heart :

34. Cranial nerves : model showing all

model showing autonomic innervation

the 10 cranial nerves along with

of heart along with the properties of

its main innervation and functions

cardiac murches depicting one side.

by the side.

26. Neurogesic control of gastric secretion :

35. Extrapyramidal tracts : complete

model showing autonomic innervation

pathways of extrapyramidal tracts

of gastric glands & effect of sympathetic

along with its significance.


36. Pyramidal system : showing

27. Mechanism of swallowing : model

complete pathways of

showing nervous connections involved

pyramidal tracts along with its

in the mechanism of swallowing.


28. Mechanism of mastication : model

37. Pathways of conditioned reflex

showing muscles concerns in the process

to sound stimuli : showing

of mastication with their innervation.

complete pathways primary reflex

29. Mechanism of vomiti : model showing

and pathway involvendin

nervous mechanism involved in the

producing conditioned reflex by

vomiting reflex.

sound / light.

30. Mechanism of defaecations : model

38. Spino-olivary & olivospinal

showing the innervation of distant parts

tract : model showing complete

of large intestine & course of transmission

ascending and descending fibres

of nerve impulse in defaecations.

with its.

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